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USB Flash Drive Recovery and SD Card Data Recovery:

On flash drive recovery, Our professional data recovery team has extensive experience and vast knowledge in recovering data from all brands of SD cards and USB Flash drives. We understand the importance of your data and we pursue every possible means to find a solution to get your data back. Our data recovery specialists have gained many years of practical experience in recovering data from different types of USB flash drives and now we are even able to recover data directly from NAND memory chips inside each Flash storage devices like USB flash drives, all models of SD cards, Camera cards, iPhone, Android and others . By utilizing the most technologically advanced instruments and methods we are able to do data recovery down to the component level (NAND memory chip-off) on SD cards, Memory Sticks and USB Flash drives (USB Thumb drives).

Mobile Phone Data Recovery:

On Smart Phone recovery, the initial step for recovering your data is, STOP!!! using your phone and immediately shut it down in order to improve the chance of recovering your lost or deleted data on a later time. The more you use your phone, the more it overwrites your previous data for storing new one which makes mobile phone recovery sometimes even impossible. The iPhone and Android are revolutionary portable computing devices that gives you all the power of a computer with the convenience of a cell phone. But like a computer, a cell phone can collect, process and save enormous amount of data every time you are using it. iPhone and Android phone contain tons of interactive and intuitive apps which constantly rewriting their empty memory cells based on their controllers mapping algorithm and those cells could be your previous mistakenly deleted files. Since accident might happen, like you might delete some data by mistake or some mobile phone memory cells could become faulty and block controller from accessing the whole memory chipset all together, data loss is inevitable and we are here to prevent your precious data from being lost forever.

With our state of the art tools and comprehensive skills by handling wide range of flash storage devices, we can guarantee to successfully recover your data from USB flash drives, Memory sticks and SD Cards. Dealing with issues like device is NOT being readable, partially unrecognizable or even with no access to flash drive at all. After a successful recovery we transfer all of your retrieved data to a CD, DVD or another USB flash drive. CALL us at 212-935-9200 or fill out contact form to find out how Amnet Datacillin can help you with your data recovery needs.


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